What information does my U Card carry?

The U Card has a network of wiring, chips, and magnets in it that come together to connect to your identity on campus. Looking for the various accounts your U Card connects to? View our accounts page.

Parts on your card

The front of your card contains your name, department, and image. The back of your card contains other data:

U Card back showing role (center top), ID Number (center center), U Card Number (Center bottom), Print Date (bottom left), iClass number (top right) and MiFare Number (middle right)


Your Role

This shows your role within the University, whether it be staff, academic staff, affiliated staff, retiree, or student.

Your University ID Number

All individuals (with the exception of affiliated staff) will have a University ID Number. This number is a unique 7-digit code, specific to you.

Your U Card Number

This is the number encoded onto your U Card, connecting your card to the University system and to your identity.

iClass/Proximity Number

This is the "tap" number on your U Card and is used to associate you to multiple university systems, including door access and Gopher GOLD.

MiFare (Transit) Number

This associates your card to the Metro Transit system. Staff can use their U Card as a Go-To Card, and students use it for the Universal Transit Pass.

Print Date

This is the date your U Card was printed and is used to evaluate your card by our office.