Facilities Management U Card replacement process

The U Card Office and Facilities Management (FM) have a service agreement in place to provide replacements to FM employees. Full details can be found on the FM intranet site.

The following steps need to be completed for a replacement U Card to be created and paid for by FM:

  1. FM manager should complete the "FM U Card Replacement" Google form to confirm eligibility of an employee for a paid replacement.
  2. FM employee should report to the U Card Office in Coffman Memorial Union after the form above has been completed.
  3. U Card staff will evaluate the card:
    • If the damage was caused by the cardholder and the employee is able to provide their approved form of identification and current U Card, the U Card staff will replace the U Card and charge FM for the replacement.
    • If the employee is unable to provide their current U Card, the U Card staff will be unable to charge FM for the replacement. The employee may purchase their own replacement U Card.
    • If the U Card staff finds that the card is no longer functioning due to issues not caused by the cardholder or if the card is more than 5 years old, the U Card Office will issue a replacement card at no cost to FM or the FM employee.

FM Employees: Questions about this policy should be addressed to your manager.