Your U Card

The Basics

  • Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID Card - make sure to have it with you at all times while on campus.
  • Your U Card never expires, so keep your card even if you leave the University.
  • Don't bend your card, punch holes in it, or put it next to wireless chargers or magnets.
  • If your U Card is lost or damaged within 5 years, a replacement fee is required for a new one. The fee is waived for stolen cards if you have a valid police report.
  • Your U Card contains your Gopher GOLD account, our campus currency and the only way to pay for printing on campus.

Need Access?

Door access is assigned based on your status within the University and will shut down during school breaks (students) and leaves of absence (staff & faculty). Learn more about door access.

Getting Your U Card

Lost & Found U Cards

Accounts on Your Card

Other Highlights

Get Accessories!

The U Card Office stocks a variety of card holders and accessories at our Coffman Location. Items may be purchased in-office with the use of Cash, Credit/Debit, or Gopher GOLD.

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