Visitor Cards

Visitor Gopher GOLD Cards are cards available for people who do not have a U Card but would like to make purchases using Gopher GOLD, such as paying for printing at University Libraries or Print labs.

If you have a U Card, your Gopher GOLD account is on your U Card. You can load money into your Gopher GOLD account and swipe your U Card to make purchases using Gopher GOLD.

If you do not have a U Card, you can purchase a Visitor Gopher GOLD card at the U Card Office for $1.

Depositing to a Visitor Gopher GOLD Card

If you would like to deposit to your Visitor Gopher GOLD card, please visit the 'Deposit' page.

Registering Your Visitor Gopher GOLD Card

We recommend you register your Visitor Gopher GOLD card to receive monthly balance and account information emails. Registering your card will also allow us to connect you to the card if the card is lost and returned to the U Card Office.

Register your card below.

Deactivating Your Visitor Gopher GOLD Card

If you lose your Visitor Gopher GOLD Card, it was registered, and you know the card number, you can deactivate it. You may then purchase another Visitor Gopher GOLD Card and have your balance from your deactivated card transferred to your new card. To make this transfer, please email [email protected] and include your deactivated card number, your new card number, and your first and last name.

Once a card has been deactivated, it can never be reactivated. 

Deactivate your card below.

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