My U Card keeps getting damaged

Wallet damage is the number one reason people have to get replacement U Cards. Keeping your U Card tucked in a tight wallet, pulling it out over and over again causes it to rub against other cards and will start to damage the card over time.

Many people keep their wallets in their back pockets, which they sit on when they take a seat. This combination of pressure and heat on the wallet can also damage the U Card.  

If you must keep your U Card in your wallet, the best way to keep your card protected is to store it in a Tyvek Sleeve, which we give to each person when they get a new U Card. If you have lost your Tyvek Sleeve, or would like an extra, we give them away for free at the U Card Office.

Basic Care Instructions


  • Store your U Card in a protective sleeve or case
  • Keep your U Card in a secure place
  • Monitor your U Card account balances
  • Carry your U card with you on campus

 Do Not:

  • Punch a hole in your U Card or bend it
  • Lend your U Card to anyone
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe
  • Put your U Card near a magnet
  • Place your U Card on a wireless charger