Getting a Replacement U Card

Replacement Steps

After replacing a card

  • Any door access you had managed by the University's central system will return within 4 hours
  • If you have a parking contract, it will return at 7am the next day. To come/go until that time, press the call button near the exits of gated ramps or parking areas
  • The Universal Transit Pass (students only) will need to be reactivated. Wait 2 business days, then tap your card at a light rail station to reactivate.

Payments and fees

  • There is a $30 replacement fee for cards less than 5 years old
  • Departments can pay for their employee's replacement U Card by emailing [email protected]

Waiving the replacement fee

We will waive your replacement fee if:

  • Your U Card was stolen and you can provide us with a police report (the police report must be presented at the time of replacement)
  • Your U Card is 5+ years old
  • Your U Card’s smart chip fails (undamaged cards only)
  • You have had a legal name change
  • You are switching roles (i.e. student to staff)

Name changes

Information about replacement U Cards needed after a name change is available in our help center.