Lost & Found U Card Information

Is your U Card lost?

If you lose your U Card, you should deactivate it. 

  • If the U Card Office receives your U Card, we will notify you immediately through your University email address.
  • You must bring a government-issued photo ID to pick up your U Card.
  • If your U Card is stolen and you bring your police report, you will receive a free replacement U Card.

Did you find a lost U Card?

If you find a U Card, you may drop it off at the U Card Office in Coffman Memorial Union (after-hours drop box available) or the St. Paul Student Center Post Office Desk.

You can also mail it to the U Card Office. As long as the address on the back is visible, simply dropping the card in a public mailbox will result in it being returned to us.

  • U Card Office
    G22 Coffman Memorial Union
    300 Washington Ave SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

The U Card Office cannot give out any of the U Card holder's information or contact the U Card holder on your behalf for security reasons.