Temporary Access Cards

General Information

Temporary Access Cards are cards that can give individuals who do not qualify for a U Card access to secured buildings.

  • Temporary Access Cards can only be ordered by University Departments.
  • The department that orders the Temporary Access Card takes responsibility for managing the card, including assigning and unassigning access with the Access Services Department.
  • Temporary Access Cards are $30 per card.

 Order Temporary Access Cards

Pickup Policies

  • Cards must be picked up by the person who places the order (unless otherwise specified).
  • The person picking up the cards will need to present a valid government-issued photo ID or U Card to receive the cards.
  • Temporary Access Cards can only be picked up at the U Card office in Coffman and cannot be mailed.

Departments may make use of Person-of-Interest Accounts, Sponsored Accounts, and Temporary Access Cards. Learn more about the differences between these accounts and use our interactive selection guide