Card Type Selection Guide

We have put together a few resources (below) for use by you and your department in investigating what account/U Card type may be best for the individual. A full FAQ document is available via University IT.

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Comparison Table

Account Type Comparison

Differences between person-of-interest U Cards, sponsored account U Cards, and temporary access cards.
Feature Person-of-Interest Sponsored Temporary Access
Photo and Name on Card
Mag Stripe for Reader Access
iClass Chip for Proximity Reader Access
Door Access Assigned by DFR
General Door Clearance Added
Departments Can Re-Issue to Others
Cost Varies $30 $30
Setup & Questions Human Resources

Setup Link
Setup Guide



Interactive Selection Quiz

A quick quiz to find out what card type you may want to get for visitors in your department. Fill this out with the individual getting the card in mind.

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