How do I use the Universal/Employee Transit Pass?

Activation instructions

You will receive an email once your pass is ready to activate.

Tap your U Card at a permanent Go-To reader located to the right of the farebox on a bus or at a Metro line station. On-campus activation stations are also located at the Welcome Desks in Coffman Memorial Union and St. Paul Student Center. Once you activate your card, 

  • Students: it will remain active as long as you are enrolled and pay the Transportation & Safety fee.
  • Staff/faculty: it will remain active as long as you are benefits eligible.

When passed the activation deadline

If the activation deadline has passed, you will need to tap your card at one of the scanners mentioned above, then return to the scanner after at least 1 hour and re-tap your card.

When your U Card is replaced

You must reactivate the pass if you get a U Card replacement. To do this, wait 2 business days, then tap your card at the abovementioned activation station.

How to ride

Always remember to tap to ride! When boarding the bus, tap your U Card on the Go-To circle on the reader located to the right of the farebox. At Metro line stations, tap your U Card on the reader next to the ticket vending machine. No ticket will be dispensed.

Carry it

Have your U Card with you when riding the bus or Metro lines. There is a fine for riding transit without paying.

Additional information