Door Access

The U Card Office does not assign or manage door access. If you need access to a building, you will need to contact your supervisor or department.

If you currently have door access and you receive a replacement U Card your door access will automatically transfer over to your new replacement U Card within 4 hours.

If you believe you have been assigned access to a building but are unable to get in the building with your U Card, please verify you do have access with your supervisor or department. If you receive confirmation and still have issues, use our troubleshooting guide or stop by the U Card Office to have your U Card evaluated. 

University & Public Hours

University buildings generally have University or Public Hours, or a combination of both. 

  • University Hours: Buildings are accessible by anyone with a U Card that has general door access (those with an active appointment at the University, does not include Sponsored Accounts or Temporary Access Cards).
  • Public Hours: Building is unlocked to the public.

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Get Access

We have compiled a list of building access forms below. This list is by no means exhaustive and forms are subject to change.

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Residence & Dining Halls

If you believe you should have access to a residence or dining hall and are unable to enter, speak to the front desk staff who will confirm your eligibility and add you to the access list. If you are confirmed to have access and still cannot enter, stop by the U Card Office.

All Other Campus Buildings

Listing of known building access request forms/contacts. Copy/paste the URL to access each form.
Building or Area Access Information
717 Delaware St. (MN Health)
Cancer/Cardio Research Building
Digital Technology Center (Conference Rooms)
Digital Technology Center (Researchers)
Jackson Hall
Lions Research Building
Masonic Cancer Research Building
Masonic Inst for the Developing Brain
Mayo - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
McGuire Trans Res Facility
Mechanical Engineering Building
Microbiology Research Facility
Molecular and Cellular Biology Center
Mondale Hall (Law School)
Moos Health Sciences Tower
OCM Classrooms
Nils Hasselmo Hall
Physics and Nanotechnology Building
Social Sciences Building
Tate Laboratory of Physics
Wallin Medical Biosciences Building

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You can fill out our website update request form to add your building to the above list. Include the building name and url to the access request form.

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