About U Card

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID.

Student Holding U Card

Your U Card can give you access to campus buildings and different accounts based on your role/status at the University. If you would like information on the buildings your U Card gives you access to, please speak to a representative at the specific building you are inquiring about. Your U Card also contains various University accounts (listed below).

Students and staff may need to use their U Card to print on campus. Printing costs can vary across campus. If you need to pay for printing, Gopher GOLD is the only way to pay at campus Computer Labs, Residential Halls and Libraries. Specific printing lab prices may vary depending on the college with which they are associated.

Additionally, departments and instructors may utilize the U Card for attendance verification, door access, and more. Certain discounts may be available to U Card holders, as well as access to University Recreation and Wellness Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions