Photo Upload

Photo Examples

Person facing the camera, shoulders in view, with a plain gray background

This photo has a clear view of the entire face with a clear, plain background and is not cropped in.

Person facing away from the camera with a plain white background

Clear background, however the entire face is not visible.

Person with their hands blocking their shoulders in front of a background with a bookshelf

Busy background and hands lifting into the frame.

Person with their hair and hand blocking their face, cropped in closely, on a beach

Busy background, too far cropped in, and hands/hair block the face.

WARNING TO CURRENT U CARD HOLDERS: Your current U Card will be deactivated as soon as your photo is approved. This will suspend your building and time clock access as well as all other services on your current U Card. Access and services will be transferred over to your new U Card. Transferring campuses? Wait until you are done on your current campus before uploading.