Closing Your Gopher GOLD Account

A Gopher GOLD account will be closed only after the cardholder submits a "Request to Close Gopher Gold Account" form and is no longer an active member of the University community.

Upon receipt of a Request to Close Gopher Gold Account Form, the U Card Office will verify the cardholder's University status using University registration, employment, or other systems. University systems may take up to one full academic term to reflect inactive status. Exception: Persons called to active military duty should contact One Stop, not the U Card Office. One Stop will coordinate all account withdrawal activities for military personnel, including the request to obtain a refund of Gopher GOLD value from the U Card Office.

If you continue to use Gopher GOLD value from the Gopher GOLD account associated with this request after you've submitted this form, your refund will be reduced by that amount.

Closed accounts are subject to a $10 administrative fee.

Refunds for students are posted to the student's University account. Refunds for non-students will be made by check and sent to the mailing address on file with the University.

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