(Closed) Goldy Lost Their U Card!

Goldy looking confused with their U Card floating next to them
(Closed) Goldy Lost Their U Card!

The mission is to find Goldy’s U Card! They lost it on 3 different occasions on each area of the Twin Cities campus. West Bank, St. Paul, and East Bank. Find it, and they'll reward you with $100 in your Gopher GOLD account to use all over campus!

REMINDER: Finding Goldy's U Card does not require digging, climbing, entering buildings, walking off of a marked path, and is not located in any lanes of travel (bike, car, bus, light rail, etc). All locations are fully accessible.


Goldy has 3 clues for each location they might have lost it. 

  • West Bank's clues will be released on October 2, 3, and 4; 
  • St. Paul's clues will be released on October 9, 10, and 11; 
  • East Bank's clues will be released on October 16, 17, and 18.
  • Spoiler clues will be posted on the Friday of each week at 10am if Goldy's U Card has not been found by then.

Follow the U Card Office on Instagram to get the clues first - 10am on each day. Clues will be added to this blog post at 1pm each day.


  1. The search game is open to University of Minnesota Twin Cities undergraduate students only - faculty, staff, graduate & professional students, and auditing students are not eligible this time around.
  2. Goldy's U Card is hiding, but it does not require digging, climbing, or entering buildings, and is not located in any lanes of travel (bike, car, bus, light rail, etc).
  3. You must bring Goldy's U Card back to the Coffman U Card Office during business hours (8am-4pm M-F), present your U Card, and be following the U Card Office on Instagram @ucardumn.
  4. The same student may not win more than one prize. U Card student employees & their roommates are not eligible for the prize.
  5. Working with friends? The prize may be split by up to 5 people per location ($100 divided evenly amongst the group).

Have the cards been found?

We will post to our Instagram account and the table below as soon as cards have been found!

Card LocationStatus
West BankFOUND on 10/3 at 1:15pm.
St. PaulFOUND on 10/11 at 10:30am.
East BankFOUND on 10/17 at 11:00am.


All of Goldy's previously lost cards have been found. Check our Instagram for their locations!

West Bank

  • Clue 1: Follow Washington Ave's winding track, Where legal minds roam, no turning back. The Law School's realm, a landmark to find, Your journey's start, a path intertwined.
  • Clue 2: Venture close, where sports stories arise, A place where victories meet eager eyes. At this site of prowess, clues align, Seek beneath skies where talents shine. Card found!
  • Clue 3: (Unreleased because card was found) - From Law School's site to sports embraced, Off 2nd Street, the pole's placed. By softball's gate, your search aligns, Under a bush, your treasure shines.

St. Paul

  • Clue 1: Begin your quest where learning's embrace, Up the block, find a research space.
  • Clue 2: Follow Gortner Ave with strides so steady, To the garden's edge, where secrets are ready.
  • Clue 3: Now find the U Card behind the bench's embrace, In this small garden, your victory takes place. Card found!

East Bank

  • Clue 1: Where electrons dance and Starbucks gleams, Transport hub's heart with strategic schemes. Amongst these nodes where pathways converge, Hunt beneath secrets, your quest will surge.
  • Clue 2: Follow the hum of electric grace, Past where commuters set their pace. Across from the guardians of safe transit's reign, The next clue lies, a prize to gain. Card found!
  • Clue 3:  (Unreleased because card was found) - Where charging meets caffeinated delight, The U Card waits, concealed from sight. Amidst the juncture of journeys abound, Search well, for Goldy's treasure is found.


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Students took part in the hunt for Goldy's U Card for a chance to win one of three $100 prizes!

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